Greetings Human!
The automated announcement system of the Endeavour City is happy to announce the release of our new action-puzzler Retro Machina. Please prepare to experience a single-player journey of a little robot where you solve intricate puzzles and begin unraveling the mysteries of a retro futuristic world!

For your convenience, our team of programmer robots has made Retro Machina available for any major entertainment system available including Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Please go ahead and claim a copy for preferred console. Or just press a button to be directed towards the Steam page.

Sincerely, your team of happy little robots.
About the game
Thrown to a junkyard for a malfunction, a single robot worker is on a quest to get itself fixed. But the city sees this loyal worker as a threat now, so all the robots and defenses that protect Endeavor have turned against their former colleague. With the unique ability to control various machines of the city, including any robots that are in the way, this little Robot is on a mission to fix himself and find intelligent life.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to explore the sprawling high-tech metropolis of Endeavor City! Make sure to check out Retro Machina on all major platforms!
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