Dear Jeoseung Saja,
I know that I am dead.
But I am feeling so alive now.

I can feel the powers you have granted me, and I can feel the pain for every innocent killed by the soldiers. I am ready to go back and take my revenge! I will hunt and slaughter those who have murdered me. I will avenge the unjustly killed.
I am ready to open the gates and return to the realm of the living!
Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit is a paranormal stealth-action and tactics game about a young Korean girl killed along with her family during an attack on their village. She made a deal with Jeoseung Saja, the God of Death, who gave the girl the paranormal ability to turn into a ghost and possess living creatures and returned from the dead to exact her revenge.
Key features:
  • A Girl and a Ghost: A defenseless child surrounded by enemies, the game's phantasmal protagonist can take life force (Qi) from living creatures, turn into a ghost and possess them.
  • A Story of Vengeance: Having made a deal with death, the girl must defeat the marauding army through stealth and combat.
  • A Delicate Balance: Challenging situations call for clever solutions, will you go the stealthy route, possessing your foes and sneaking past problems, or will you go with brute force and fight your way through the situation?
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